Key Largo Fishing Charters Providing Mixed Fishing This Time of Year

This time of the year is a transitional period for Key Largo fishing.  With the onset of the winter months we are seeing a shift in the fish available, which offers a mixed fishing experience.  The mahi-mahi should remain good for another month, when wind and current conditions are right. Our fishing charter boats have been doing a lot of live baiting for sailfish, wahoo, and tuna as well.  We are starting to see many nice wahoo, and the full moon should only improve the wahoo fishing. Recently, the Condray family landed a 45 lbs wahoo after a nice fight aboard the Fin Razer along with a nice rack of dolphin.  We are also starting to see sailfish coming thru the upper Keys.  As we get more cold fronts pushing thru Key Largo the sailfishing will only get better.  Just imagine the line ripping off the reel as a beautiful sailfish dances in the water - what a feeling!

The bottom fishing in Key Largo has been excellent.  Our charter fishing guests have been landing some monster size mutton snapper and groupers.  One of our recent guest took their catch to our friends at The Fish House restaurant, where they will “cook your catch”.  There’s othing like fresh fish cooked right!

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With the Thanksgiving Holiday fast approaching make sure to book your Key Largo fishing adventure today.  We welcome families with children aboard any of our three tournament ready charter fishing boats.  Our mates will be happy to teach the kids how to land the big fish, so bring them along.  To reserve your next fishing charter call me, Capt. Greg, at (305) 923-9293 or visit  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

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