Key Largo Fishing Charters Best Fleet

There is a reason why for the past 18 years Key Largo Fishing Adventures has been the best fleet of charter fishing in the upper Keys. The reason is a combination of local fishing knowledge and world-class service. Our captains have a lifetime of knowledge fishing Key Largo down to Islamorada. So, catching fish has never been a problem for us. But where we really like to distinguish ourselves is in our service. So, when we received the email below from one of our recent guest, it makes all the hard work worth it.


"I cannot recommend highly enough,Captain Billy and mate Danny for their professionalism and attention to detail on our amazing days fishing on 14 January 2014 on Fin Rizer. Hooked three sail fish and landed two,plus a variety of other fish.I have waited 56yrs to achieve this,so it was a dream come true. From now on I will refer to Captain Billy as "the dream maker" I can only say to readers, that if you are looking for a charter in either Islamorada or Key Largo then Captain Greg Sosnow is your contact, who will respond to your enquiry immediately." Mike and Shirleen (Wales, UK)

The weather for fishing Key Largo has been perfect these past few weeks. Beautiful days for offshore fishing charters because of the sunny skies. The seas have also been calm, which has made our reef and wreck fishing phenomenal. Offshore fishing charters have been landing sail fish along with dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna and wahoo. While wreck fishing we have been catching some nice size snappers.

With our busy season in full swing, there are a few opportunities to share a fishing charter trip with another group as a split charter. The following dates are available for split charters:

  • February 13
  • February 15
  • February 22
  • February 23

We are looking for 2 or 3 additional people to share a split charter. If you are interested, please visit our split charter page.

With the spring break season almost here, we get many families booking fishing charter trips with us. So, make your reservations early to avoid being left on the dock.

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