Get Your Grouper “On” a Key Largo Fishing Charter!

It’s grouper season in the Florida Keys, which makes for good fishing and great table fare.  With the season just having opened, the grouper bite has been good.  The grouper species can reach 50 pounds, but there have been recorded catches up to 80 pounds.  On our fishing charters we are seeing 20-30 pounds is the usual maximum range, and most catches now fall between 2 and 12 pounds.  Groupers are inshore and offshore.  The larger sized groupers are mostly found on deep offshore wrecks and ledges, which is where our fishing charter guests have been catching them.  The season is only open for a short while, so don’t miss out on this delicious fishing trip.

We are also seeing lots of billfish action during our Key Largo deep sea charters.  Our fishing charter guests have been landing nice sized sailfish.  Captain Danny aboard the Soz brought in a beautiful marlin, which made for a great picture and lots of great memories for our guests.  Please note that we always practice safe catch and release procedures when fishing for billfish.  We want to make sure that these gems of the ocean are around for future generations to enjoy.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better for Key Largo fishing, the dolphin (mahi-mahi) shows up.  We are beginning to see a fairly consistent catch of dolphin in the upper keys. Our charter fishing guests are coming back with full racks of dolphin (another yummy favorite of mine).The fishing promises to get better as we go into our spring and summer weather patterns.  And we are expecting a lot of large sized bulls to show up in the coming months.

Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime and book your Key Largo Fishing Adventure today.  The summer is a perfect time to bring the family out for a fishing trip.  Our captains and mates enjoy having kids on board and ensure that everyone has a good time.  I enjoy seeing the kids of our repeat customers grow up loving the sport of fishing.  So, while you are down in the keys vacationing call me, Captain Greg, to book your Key Largo fishing charter today at (305) 923-9293 or visit

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